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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, is one of the most powerful and influential law enforcement organizations in the world.

A Guide for Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation by NIJ
 Consistent collection of quality evidence in bombing cases will result in more successful investigations and prosecutions of bombing cases. While this Guide can be useful to agencies in developing their own procedures, the procedures included here may not be deemed applicable in every circumstance or jurisdiction, nor are they intended to be all-inclusive.
A Look Ahead: Tomorrow's FBI
 The law enforcement community of tomorrow will serve a society far different than that of today. Indeed, the differences may be so dramatic that law enforcement organizations which are not prepared for the future may be unable to respond to those communities they are sworn to serve.
A Reply to: How to Beat Spec Ops, SWAT and SOG by Anonymous
 A reply to the article, "How to beat Spec Ops, SWAT, SOG"
A Report to the American People on the Work of the FBI by FBI
 Some terrorism now comes from abroad. Some terrorism is home-grown. But whatever its origin, terrorism is deadly and the FBI has no higher priority than to combat terrorism; to prevent it where possible; and where prevention fails, to apprehend the terrorists and to do everything within the law to work for conviction and the most severe sentences. Our goal is to prevent, detect and deter.
A Short History of the FBI by Sanford J. Ungar
 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, is one of the most powerful and influential law enforcement organizations in the world.
A Summary of the FBI's Computer Systems by Ralph Harvey
 The FBI maintains several computer systems. The most common of which is call NCIC (National Crime Information Computer). NCIC maintains a database of information about such things as stolen cars, stolen boats, missing persons, wanted persons, arrest records.
America's Secret Police: FBI COINTELPRO in the 1990s by Noelle Hanrahan
 On April 22, 1970, as 22 million Americans rallied across the country on the first Earth Day celebration, FBI agents in over 40 cities were ordered to spy on and infiltrate these events. Senator Edwin Muskie, himself a victim, remarked from the floor of Congress that this surveillance was "a dangerous threat to fundamental constitutional rights." The power of the environmental movement and the challenge it posed to business-as-usual made it an instant target for FBI suppression.
Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg
 For more than three months now the FBI has known that the perpetrator of the anthrax attacks is American. This conclusion must have been based on the perpetrator’s evident connection to the US biodefense program. In addition to this signpost, the perpetrator has left multiple, blatant clues, seemingly on purpose: second letters, addressed similarly to the anthrax letters and containing powder, sent to most (and possibly all) the anthrax recipients; similar letters sent to several other media organizations; even a letter, addressed to the Military Police at the Quantico Marine Base, accusing a former USAMRIID scientist (with whom the anonymous writer says he once worked) of having bioterrorist intentions.
Beating The FBI by Lee Adams
 Proven methods for recognizing and thwarting FBI surveillance.
COINTELPRO Revisited - In Defense of Paranoia
 Clinton needs a threat that's too big for mere state and local governments. Out trots Warren Christopher on January 20, 1995, to unveil a broad plan for expanded wiretapping, denial of visas, working with other governments on money laundering and seizing assets, and expanding the use of current laws prohibiting fundraising for terrorist organizations. raising for terrorist organizations.
COINTELPRO Revisited - Mumia Abu-Jamal's COINTELPRO File
 These are excepts from documents that surfaced during Mumia Abu-Jamals's trial.
COINTELPRO Revisited - Spying and Disruption
 Following are transcripts of official FBI COINTELPRO documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The March 4, 1968 communique was sent out by J. Edgar Hoover himself just one month before the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. It specifically identified Elijah Muhammed and the Nation of Islam as primary targets of COINTELPRO, as well as Rev. King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
COINTELPRO Revisited - The Bari/Cherney Case by Judi Bari
 On May 24, 1990, Darryl Cherney and I were driving through Oakland on an organizing tour for Earth First!/Redwood Summer when a bomb exploded under the driver's seat of my car. Within minutes of the blast, the FBI and the Oakland Police Department moved in and arrested us on suspicion of carrying explosives. They lied outrageously, claiming that the bomb had been in the back seat, when their own photos showed clearly its location directly under me.
COINTELPRO Revisited - The Federal Bureau of Intimidation by Howard Zinn
 If you look into the history of the FBI and Martin Luther King - the FBI attempted to neutralize, perhaps kill him, perhaps get him to commit suicide, certainly to destroy him as a leader of black people in the United States.
COINTELPRO Revisited - The War at Home
 Harassment Through Psychological Warfare.
Carnivore FAQ by Robert Graham
 Carnivore acts like a packet sniffer. All Internet traffic is broken down into bundles called packets. Carnivore eavesdrops on these packets watching them go by, then saves a copy of the packets it is interested in.
Civil Liberties Under Threat by Brian Glick
 Activists across the country report increasing government harassment and disruption of their work. These kinds of government tactics violate our fundamental constitutional rights. They make it enormously difficult to sustain grass-roots organizing. They create an atmosphere of fear and distrust which undermines any effort to challenge official policy.
Credit Reports and National Security by Dave Banisar
 Senate Intelligence Committee approved a provision that allows for FBI access to credit reports using only a letter instead of a judical warrant in cases that they say involved national security.
Dead-Letter Boxes by Lee Adams
 DLB is an acronym for dead-letter box. It is also called a dead drop. A DLB is a physical location where material is covertly placed for another person to collect without direct contact between the parties.
Demonizing Dissent by Kit Gage
 Domestically, the government has stepped up its assault against homegrown dissent - as anyone who was part of Seattle, April 16 and the inaugural in DC, Philadelphia and Los Angeles knows. Likewise, those who read about or viewed it, particularly on the alternative media like Independent Media Center that covered it from the ground saw the spectacle of military style police assault.
Director's Message, Law Day 1990 by William S. Sessions
 This year's Law Day theme, ``Generations of Justice,'' encourages us in law enforcement to focus on the youth and the elderly. These two generations of Americans are particularly vulnerable to criminal elements because they are often helpless to defend themselves.
Domestic Covert Action Did Not End in the 1970's
 Director Webster's highly touted reforms did not create a "new FBI." They served mainly to modernize the existing Bureau and to make it even more dangerous.
EFF Releases White Paper Opposing FBI Digital Telephony Legislation
 The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), on behalf of a coalition of industry, trade associations, computer users, and privacy and consumer representatives, today released a white paper entitled, "Analysis of the FBI Proposal Regarding Digital Telephony."
FBI Agent Glenn Admits Waco Report a "Whitewash" by Carol Moore
 On September 19, 1995 FBI agent Eugene Glenn, who was commander of the siege against Randy Weaver, said during his testimony at the Weaver hearings that a top FBI investigator had called the federal government's investigation of federal agents' actions at Waco a "whitewash."
FBI BBS Surveillance by Marc Rotenberg
 On August 18, 1989 CPSR submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI asking for information about BBS surveillance. After four follow-up letters, a series of phone calls, and Congressional testimony that discussed the CPSR request, the FBI has failed to respond to our request.
FBI Investigates Domestic Activities to Identify Terrorists by GAO
 The inquiry further determined that 31 instances of potential violations of the Attorney General guidelines occurred, such as (1) conducting inquiries beyond what is permitted without opening an investigation, (2) receiving information about individuals' mail without having obtained proper authority to get such information, and (3) initiating investigations without an adequate basis for opening them.
FBI Sept. 11 Wanted List
 The NIPC wishes to advise recipients that the FBI is seeking the following individuals who may have information related to the ongoing investigation of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and Pentagon complex.
FBI Turning Over Stones with Israelis Underneath by Scott DaVault
 A Plantation, Florida police officer working closely with the FBI stated in a phone interview that at least five moving companies are currently under investigation. With nationwide allegations of incredible amounts of moving fraud and extortion by Israelis in the months before the September 11th attacks, it is no surprise that the government has taken interest. Unfortunately, the interest seems to be fleeting when faced with the lawyers and ambassadors that Israel has on its side.
FBI Wants Access to Worm's Pilfered Data by Rudy Rucker, Jr.
 The FBI is asking for access to a massive database that contains the private communications and passwords of the victims of the Badtrans Internet worm.
FISA Implementation Failures
 The secrecy of individual FISA cases is certainly necessary, but this secrecy has been extended to the most basic legal and procedural aspects of the FISA, which should not be secret. This unnecessary secrecy contributed to the deficiencies that have hamstrung the implementation of the FISA.
How COINTELPRO Helped Destroy the Movements of the 1960's
 Anyone who doubts that the government is capable of using agents provocateurs to plant phony requests for bomb-making information in this newsgroup as a pretext for censoring the entire net (or that it is capable of much worse if that fails) should take a glance at the following articles. These posts also contain much that should be of interest to anyone thinking about joining or starting any kind of anarchist direct-action campaign or organization.
How to Beat Special Forces, S.W.A.T. and Special Operations Groups by Anonymous
 They go by a lot of different names around the world. In the United States, each organization has teams with slightly different training and goals, but essentially they are the same. But a goon by any name is still a goon.
ICML Common Object Element Types by IC Sub-Working Group
 The column headings of this table have the following meanings: Name: The identifier of a specific element type. Must be unique within the class of documents defined by a DTD or schema. It is the tag name.
ICML Technical Addendum by IC Metadata Sub-Working Group
 This Technical Addendum is provided to supplement the evaluators of ICML v0.5 during their evaluation. It covers some background material and documents some of the research and perspectives that affected key decisions made in the ICML development. This addendum along with the release notes will be expanded in the future to become formal ICML documentation.
If An Agent Knocks: Federal Investigators and Your Rights
 People opposing U.S. policies in Central America, giving sanctuary to refugees from Guatemala and El Salvador, struggling for Black liberation, and against nuclear weapons, are today more than ever likely to receive visits from FBI agents or other federal investigators.
Intelligence Community Markup Language (ICML) Release Notes by IC Metadata Sub-Working Group
 The first focus of ICML is to aid finished intelligence production. Since a majority of the intelligence content being produced within the IC takes the form of documents, it was felt by the MSWG that limiting the scope of the initial ICML release to this type of intelligence content would yield the most benefits in the shortest period of time. The ICML standard as written is incorporates key writing styles, metadata, and structure requirements of typical IC products.
Interview with Frank Varelli, Former FBI Informer
 Excerpts from an interview with Frank Varelli, former FBI informer and infiltrator of CISPES
Native Rights: Fed Prosecutor Condones Fabrications
 An Assistant United States Attorney, a man named Lynn Crooks, who put together the Leonard Peltier case for the government, said in an interview on the CBS television program "60 Minutes" that government officials are justified in fabricating evidence against people who they believe are guilty.
New FBI Attempts at Secure Communication by Full Disclosure
 The FBI has spent many millions of dollars attempting to obtain secure communications by various voice encryption methods, with limited success.
New FBI Proposal for Bay Area Counter- Terrorism Task Force by Tom Burghardt
 Hundreds of progressive groups, labor unions, alternative news services, and an estimated 100,000 Bay Area residents, they were targets of an illegal covert spy operation by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
New Government Software by -@OsiriS@-
 New Programs the G-Men are using.
Organizational Culture's Contributions to Security Failures by Troy M. Mouton
 A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Liberal Arts in The Interdepartmental Program in Liberal Arts by Troy M. Mouton B.A., University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1996 May 2002
Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Investigations by DOJ
 Assassination of political leaders and other public figures has been a significant problem in the United States. Since 1835, 11 attacks on U.S. presidents (4 of them resulting in the death of the President) have occurred. Since 1949, two attacks on Presidential candidates have been attempted, in addition to two attacks on Members of Congress, several assassinations of national political leaders, a number of attacks on State and local elected officials, several murders of Federal and State judges, and several well-publicized attacks on celebrities and business leaders.
Satanic, Occult, Ritualistic Crime: A Law Enforcement Perspective by Kenneth Lanning
 FBI report on cults, child sacrifice, etc. The belief that there is a connection between satanism and crime is certainly not new. In fact, one of the oldest theories of crime causation is demonology. Heightened concern about satanic or occult activity has appeared periodically throughout history.
Spook Words by William Knowles
 Words to get noticed by various U.S. Goverment groups. These will be flagged in the system and manpower will be expended to track them and verify whether or not they should be investigated. Piss off the gov't by dropping one or two in an email...let carnivore chew on it.
Suspicious Activities Involving Israeli Art Students at DEA Facilities by DEA
 The activities of these Israeli art students raised the suspicion of IS and other field offices when attempts were made to circumvent the access control systems at DEA offices, and when these individuals began to solicit their paintings at the homes of DEA employees. The nature of the individuals' conduct, combined with intelligence information and historical information regarding past incidents involving Israeli Organized Crime, leads IS to believe the incidents may well be an organized intelligence gathering activity.
The Danger We Face
 Domestic covert action remains a serious threat today.
The FBI's Domestic Counterterrorism Program
 Steven Emerson has asserted that the FBI is severely restricted in infiltrating known extremist groups, that it has no terrorism data base like the CIA's, and that it is powerless to stop extremist groups from masquerading as "religious" groups. All of these claims are incorrect.
The FBI's Domestic Counterterrorism Program by CDT
 Steven Emerson has asserted that the FBI is severely restricted in infiltrating known extremist groups, that it has no terrorism data base like the CIA's, and that it is powerless to stop extremist groups from masquerading as "religious" groups. All of these claims are incorrect.
The FBI's Forensic DNA Analysis Program by Jay V. Miller
 The FBI's DNA program covers four basic areas--DNA casework, technical assistance, the National DNA Index, and DNA research. This article updates the FBI's progress in these areas and highlights the need for uniform testing methods as DNA technology becomes more widespread.
The FBI, COINTELPRO and Far-Right Vigilante Networks by Tom Burghardt
 Far from being a "neutral" investigative agency concerned with uncovering the depredations of organized crime or "domestic terrorism," the FBI has been the vanguard federal force that has targeted labor, minority groups struggling against racism, the women's movement, queer activists and the Left.
The Handling of FBI Intelligence Information by USDOJ/OIG
 During the summer of 1996, the news media began reporting stories focusing on allegations of improper fundraising practices during the 1996 Presidential campaign. Among these reports were claims that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had received large campaign contributions from foreign sources in violation of federal campaign finance laws. These reports prompted members of Congress to ask Attorney General Reno to authorize an independent counsel investigation into such claims.
The Legacy of Wounded Knee by Bruce Elison
 I was raised to believe in the importance of our democracy and our fundamental rights to free speech, freedom of association, and freedom to seek redress of grievances. From what I have seen over the last 25 years, Native Americans have many legitimate grievances, as do others in this country.
The Logistics of a Black Bag Job by Wes Swearingen
 All members of the surveillance team, regardless of their position, must be in radio contact with one another or in contact with a reasonable relay. No bag job should start or continue if any member of the team is out of radio contact.
The Secret War-Pre-9/11, We Fought A Covert War Against Israel by Justin Raimondo
 To most of us, that horrific event was a bolt out of the blue, with no prelude, no precedent, and no way to anticipate that the best days of our lives could turn into the worst. But the view from inside the US Government must have looked a whole lot different, i.e. far more threatening. Yet the threat seemed to be coming, not from Bin Laden, but incredibly from the Israelis, who, not content with having gained access to our phone system and federal wiretaps, were penetrating American military and government targets.
Treason 101
 Espionage is a high-risk criminal offense. The traitor must fear arrest for the rest of his or her life, as the statute of limitations does not apply to espionage. Former National Security Agency employee Robert Lipka was arrested in 1996 -- 30 years after he left NSA and 22 years after his last contact with Soviet intelligence. There are four principal ways by which spies are detected.
Vehicle Surveillance: Basic Tactics, Part 1 by Lee Adams
 They don't just follow you – they surround you. They become part of your environment. You never see the same vehicle twice. They blend in with traffic. Up to twenty FBI agents at any one time. Even more if the investigation involves national security.
Vehicle Surveillance: Basic Tactics, Part 2 by Lee Adams
 This is the second article in a five-part series that teaches you how to respond when confronted by FBI wheel artists and the FBI's floating-box system of vehicle surveillance.
Who is Steven Hatfill?
 Almost everyone who has encountered the F.B.I. anthrax investigation is aghast at the bureau's lethargy. Some in the biodefense community think they know a likely culprit, whom I'll call Mr. Z.
Who's Afraid of Carnivore? Not Me! by Richard F. Forno
 The "Carnivore'" project is the Bureau's attempt to collect information on electronic suspects and computer criminals in the dark reaches of cyberspace. We're going to discuss how easy it is to circumvent the Carnivore system and still keep our communications secret from all prying eyes....no matter how sophisticated the FBI thinks Carnivore is.
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