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The World Beyond the U.S.A.

A Canadian Quiz
A History of Chemical & Biological Warfare by Greg Goebel
 The history of chemical warfare traces largely back to a single man: Fritz Haber, who developed poison gases for Germany during the First World War. Poison gases of various sorts were already available as unwanted by-products of chemical processes. At his Berlin institute, founded by the Kaiser himself, Haber began experimenting with and refining such toxins to find those suitable for battlefield use.
A Shared Vision of South Asia by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The article about the share interest and common future of South Asia.
A Timeline of Military Intevention in Panama by Scott Brady Guyette
 From the time of Spanish exploration until the fall of Manuel Noriega
A comparison between members of parliament and an unemployed gla
Agent Green Over The Amazon by Jeff Conant
 Rumors of the impending release of a genetically modified fungus as part of the War on Drugs in Colombia have been raising concerns among environmentalists and regional officials that a grave ecological and social crisis may be unfolding in the region.
Australia's Secret Police to get Unprecedented Powers by Mike Head
 A further boost to Australia’s political police agencies, including unprecedented powers to secretly detain people without charge, has become a major item in the Howard government’s agenda for the new year. At its last cabinet meeting for 2001, on December 18, the government approved “a raft of measures” under the pretext of combatting terrorism.
Blind Amity with US Costing Poor Australians by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 This is a news analysis based article on Australian forign policies which is costing to the poor farmers of Australia.
Can Mukhtaran's case change tribal system in Pakistan? by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 Its the story of Mukhtaran Mai who has been raped by a gang on the decision of the village councillors. It talks about how human rights are being abused in Pakistan through a tribal system.
Canadian Member of Parliament Fax Numbers and Phone numbers
Cheaper Oil with Afghanistan Pipeline by John J. Maresca
 "In spite of this, a route through Afghanistan appears to be the best option with the fewest technical obstacles. It is the shortest route to the sea and has relatively favorable terrain for a pipeline. The route through Afghanistan is the one that would bring Central Asian oil closest to Asian markets and thus would be the cheapest in terms of transporting the oil."
Chemical and Biological Warfare Hearings by Truth and Reconciliation Commission, South Africa
 As far as the biological project is concerned, the research was directed towards biological warfare substances. My involvement and exposure to the biological side had been minimal, so I am not able to give you accurate examples, I mean I can speculate about the type of projects as a function of the type of equipment that I supplied them, but I cannot tell you accurately or specific projects that they were working on.
Chemical and Biological Warfare Hearings, Part 2 by Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 The witness is Doctor Basson. We had been told by his attorney that he as taken the six thirty a.m. flight from Johannesburg, so he may be slightly late this morning but I believe he will be represented by his local correspondent.
Chemical and Biological Warfare Hearings, Part 3 by Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 Because of this reason I accept the advice given by senior advocates, by legal counsel from the Cape Bar and the Pretoria Bar, not to answer any questions until I have experienced legal advice to assist me in a matter which probably would have far reaching consequences for me and other people, beyond the scope of the Truth Commission.
Chemical and Biological Warfare Hearings, Part 4 by Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 At a very early stage of this project the Management and Financial Work Group identified staff from outside, mainly from Armscor but also from private institutions to undertake the management, financial and administrative tasks.
Chemical and Biological Warfare Hearings, Part 5 by Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 I put to you that TRC52 read with Dr Immelman's affidavit, clearly indicates that you were involved in attempting to murder people by usage of toxins concealed in every day substances such as beer with thallium as set out in TRC52, whisky in paraquat, acid in whisky and even more ominous, that cholera was cultured on a large scale on your instructions, for usage by agents.
China's Golden Shield: Corporations and the Development of Surveillance Technology in China by Greg Walton
 Old style censorship is being replaced with a massive, ubiquitous architecture of surveillance: the Golden Shield. Ultimately the aim is to integrate a gigantic online database with an all-encompassing surveillance network. In order to make the Golden Shield a reality, the Chinese government is dependent upon the technological expertise and investment of Western companies. Canada’s Nortel Networks is playing a key role in these developments.
Congress Dynasty Back on Road by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The analytical article is based on the recent election in India where Indian Congress back in power after 8 years.
Could An Attack on Saddam Fuel British Unrest? by Patricia Zengerle
 Experts on international terrorism say the heartland of violent Islamic extremism is now none of the official fronts of the war on terror. They say its center is Western Europe -- mainly, but not exclusively, Britain, which granted asylum to a stream of Muslim militants during the 1990s and where the tradition of freedom of expression that once sheltered Karl Marx has now extended to the widespread, and very open, cause of jihad.
Cuba, Castro, and the United States
 How one man with a cigar dominated American foreign policy.
Dalai Lama on Human Rights Day (12/10/93)
Declassified Army and CIA Manuals Used in Latin America by Lisa Haugaard
 The unstated aim of the manuals is to train Latin American militaries to identify and suppress anti-government movements. The manuals provide detailed techniques for infiltrating social movements, interrogating suspects, surveillance, maintaining military secrecy, recruiting and retaining spies, and controlling the population.
Documents Prove British State Organised Murders in Northern Ireland by Chris Talbot
 Leaked Military Intelligence documents give conclusive evidence that the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), a paramilitary group in the north of Ireland which supports union with Britain, carried out assassinations under the direct control of the British army.
Don't Get off the Elephant! by Karl Taro Greenfeld
 We hired two Karen tribesmen as guides. We bought hiking boots. We took malaria pills. We innovated ways to lighten our packs. We consulted maps. We planned a six-day route up through Mae Hong Sa and down along the Burmese border and then back into civilization.
DynCorp in Colombia: Outsourcing the Drug War by Jeremy Bigwood
 A U.S.-made Huey II military helicopter manned by foreigners wearing U.S. Army fatigues crash lands after being pockmarked by sustained guerrilla fire from the jungle below. However, they were not part of the U.S. Armed Forces, but civilian employees of a private company called DynCorp, the new "privateer mercenaries" of a U.S. policy that now "outsources" its wars.
Election Platform of the Canadian Natural Law Party
Excerpts from Mullah Omar's BBC Interview by The BBC
 Following are verbatim extracts of the interview on BBC World Service radio with Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, conducted in Pashto and broadcast Thursday, November 15, 2001.
Excerpts from a Bio of Khomeini
Federal Deputy (Mexico) Denounces Interference in her Internet A
For Want of a Nuclear Nail by Paul Collin
 BRUSH-WELLMAN received secret approval from the U.S. government to transfer its high-tech copper beryllium processing technologies to the ULBA METALLURIGICAL WORKS beryllium production facility in Kazakhstan in-exchange for beryllium copper master alloy exports back to the U.S. for use in tactical and strategic nuclear and high-energy weapon productions.
Foreign War Gold Spies by ShoreLines
 Mossad Intelligence Dutch Indonesia Gold Assets.
From Melbourne to Prague: the Struggle for a Deglobalized World by Walden Bello
 For years, we were told that globalization was benign, that it was a process that brought about the greatest good for the greatest number, that good citizenship lay in accepting the impersonal rule of the market and good governance meant governments getting out of the way of market forces and letting the most effective incarnation of market freedom, the transnational corporation, go about its task of bringing about the most efficient mix of capital, land, technology and labor.
How Japan Gets a Low Crime Rate
 How the relatively low rate of private criminality in Japan is achieved by massive police criminality: beating suspects so severely that they are permanently crippled in order to obtain confessions, a massively high rate of false executions and imprisonment, and virtually no penalties for police who commit these crimes.
How Unfortunate Era, We Are Witnessing by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The article is regarding the US global agenda on the name of war against terrorism, peace and democracy in the world, US globalisation to the world.
How to Avoid The Police in the UK by TikTaq
 Some cops give you the polite helpful interrogation. This is where they tell you that they already know you did what you are supposed to have, or your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend has stitched you up and if you confess then they will go easy on you. THIS IS BOLLOCKS!
Hypocrites Who Deceive God by Osama Bin Laden
 The latest from Osama Bin Laden calling for a polarised world -- Muslims versus the West -- was telecast on Al-Jazeera on Saturday November 3, 2001. The date and location of the recording was not given.
Indo-Pak: Will Friendship Prevail This Time? by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The article about on-going bilateral talks between Indian and Pakistani leadership during the 12th SAARC confernece being held in Islamabad Pakistan
Indo-Pak: Will issues resolve, friendship prevail? by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 Regarding the recent gestures of bilateral talks between Indian and Pakistani Prime Ministers to resolve their political and geopolitical issues and establish friendly relations.
Indo-Pak: disputes need fresh proposals by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The article is about current initiatives by Indian and Pakistani leaderships for peace diaglogues between the two countries.
Info on African American forum on CIS
Information on the Arab States - compiled for the CIA as of 2/28/
Iraq's Nuclear Program
 Iraq faced the same two challenges that every other country trying to develop a nuclear weapon has faced. First came the need to produce a critical mass of "fissile material" - uranium 235 or plutonium. The second challenge was to produce a device that could cause the uranium or plutonium to explode in a nuclear chain reaction.
Its Not Iraq Only by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The Article is a analysis based opinion on policies and international campaign on various issues of Bush Sr and Junior particular current plan to attack on Iraq
Justice Delayed: Alleged State Collusion In The Murder Of Patrick Finucane by BIRW
 On 12th February 1989 the Belfast solicitor Patrick Finucane was murdered by the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF). In the eleven years since his death evidence has emerged which strongly suggests that there was official collusion in his murder on the part of British army intelligence and the RUC. This evidence also calls into question the role of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and of a government minister.
Methodology of Enforced Disappearances in Lebanon by HRW
 There is a clear pattern to the method of "disappearances" in Lebanon in the cases that Human Rights Watch has documented and examined. First, individuals are seized by Syrian intelligence operatives, usually dressed in plainclothes, sometimes with the participation of their Lebanese counterparts. No written arrest or detention orders are produced at the time of detention.
Network War: An Introduction To Congo's Privatised Conflict Economy
 Privatised networks of individual army officials, local warlords and international enterprises are orchestrating the plundering of the Congo for their personal benefit, and to finance their war. They gave birth to a new political economy, in which national sovereignty and state boundaries have become almost completely irrelevant.
New Tactics in Iran by Peter Khan Zendran
 Describes how current events in Iran have upset countries that threaten Iran.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Uncensored by Anonymous
 Officers learn about 'off-line' systems for the encryption of messages such as NOREEN - used prior to transmission by cipher machines - and 'on-line' systems for the protection of telegrams during transmission, code-named HORA and TRUNCHEON.
Osama Bin Laden's Statement on the 9/11 Attacks by Osama Bin Laden
 The following is a translation supplied by the Associated Press of the videotaped speech given by Osama Bin Laden after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings.
Peace Lovers and the Indo-Pak Disputes by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The ongoing tension between India and Pakistan in context with current tension in Middle East due to US-led war game in Iraq.
People, Leaders and the Bureaucracy in Pakistan by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 Its a view of Pakistan's government infrastructure binding with bureaucracy, army and tribal leaders.
Pepsi Tries to Get Police to Stop Protest
Pigs of Glasgow by ThE BoY
 An 89 yr old man not being able 2 get help from the pigs
Private Sector Involvement in Australian Corrections by David Belton
 The history of private sector involvement in corrections is unbelievably bleak, a well-documented tale of inmate abuse and political corruption. In many instances, private contractors worked inmates to death, beat or killed them for minor rule infractions, and/or failed to provide inmates with the quality and quantity of life's necessities (food, clothing, shelter) specified in their often meticulously drafted contracts.
Provocative Bush by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 In his recent statement the Vice President, Dick Cheney said that US knew "with certainty" that al-Qaeda was trying to obtain biological and nuclear weapons; September 11 was not a discreet event but part of "an ongoing campaign of terror against the US" that meant Americans were living in "a time of war". It seems that the Bush administration believes in scaring its own people but is weak on productive measures to defuse the global tension.
Quebec Cops Raid Anarchist Milieu
Questions That Won't Be Asked About Iraq by Representative Ron Paul
 Is it not true that the reason we did not bomb the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War was because we knew they could retaliate? Is it not also true that we are willing to bomb Iraq now because we know it cannot retaliate, which just confirms that there is no real threat?
Rebuttal to Japan NO! by Louis Leclerc
 There are many misconceptions about Japan and its miraculous success in the post-war era. While staying in Japan in mid 1992, I tried to look at Japan's seemingly miraculous success with the hope to understand it so that maybe we could apply some of their plan in our own country. "What makes Japan so good?", "How did they get from a third world country to be the richest in the world so quickly?" are common questions asked in America. Today, I will try to answer with examples, at least partially, these questions.
Renewed Phase of U.S. Military Intervention in the Philippines by Roland G. Simbulan
 The "war games" or "U.S.-Philippine joint military exercises" (code-named Kalayaan-Aguila 2002 or Balikatan 02-1) being held in Basilan and Zamboanga are nothing but an outright military operation by U.S. military forces led by the Special Operations Forces (SOFs).
Report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner for 2001 by Sir Swinton Thomas
 I enclose my second Annual Report on the discharge of my functions under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. It is, of course, for you to decide, after consultation with me, how much of the report should be excluded from publication on the grounds that it is prejudicial to national security, to the prevention or detection of serious crime, to the economic well-being of the United Kingdom, the continued discharge of the functions of any public authority whose activities include activities subject to my review (section 58( 7)) of the Act).
Revolutionary Movements, Theory and Practice: The Peruvian Experience by Bill Langan
 During the 1980 elections which marked this transition, the Communist Party of Peru (Sendero Luminoso) declared the start of its "popular war" after nearly a decade of "reconstitution". The conservative Belaunde government (1980-85) was succeeded by the left-nationalist APRA government (1985-90), which in turn was defeated by the current president, Alberto Fujimori.
Saddam Hussein's Speech on the Day of the End of the War with Ira
Schengen Information System: SIS II by Statewatch
 Until now, there was a general three year limit for the storage of personal data after which the inputting agencies had to check if the data was still necessary. The only exception to this rule were alerts under Article 99: in cases of discreet surveillance, personal records could only be stored for up to one year.
Secrets, Spies and Whistleblowers: Freedom of Expression in the UK by Article 19 and Liberty
 The UK Government has a battery of means at its disposal to ensure that a veil of official secrecy is maintained and the activities of the Security and Intelligence Services (SIS) remain unexamined. Chief among these is the draconian Official Secrets Act (OSA), which prohibits the disclosure of a huge range of information by government employees and the media.
South African Chemical Warfare by NIZA
 Questions about the involvement of the South African Apartheid regime and it's secret services in external operations like hit squads, chemical and biological warfare.
South African Links in the Murder of Olof Palme by Klaas de Jonge
 Olof Palme, the Swedish premier and leader of the Social Democratic Part was an ardent opponent of apartheid. He was gunned down on a Stockholm street (Seavägen) on February 28, 1986, after leaving a movie theatre with his wife Lisbet. A man in an overcoat approached Palme and his wife from behind, drew a Smith & Wesson revolver and shot the premier in his back.
The "Enemy Within": EU Plans the Surveillance of Protestors by Statewatch
 Seven EU governments: Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, wanted to go even further and create an explicit EU-wide database of "troublemakers " and to introduce travel bans on suspected troublemakers across the EU.
The Canadian government via the CRTC is planning to enact legisl
The Disunited Nations by Sam Vaknin
 "I think the U.N. has been in gradual decline for many years. It failed to act spectacularly in Rwanda and did nothing about Slobodan Milosevic's brutal regime. Iraq is the latest in a long line of failures."
The Electronic Encyclopedia (TM)
The Grand Illusion of the Roadmap by Barry Chamish
 President Bush's trip to Roadmap summits in Sharm El Sheikh and Aqaba this week were to further the illusion that he is personally committed to peace for Israel. Most people did not see through this illusion; in fact, except for some of my readers, especially one in Ontario, no one saw through the illusion.
The Influence of Intelligence Services on the British Left by Robin Ramsay
 A talk given by Robin Ramsay to Labour Party branches in late 1996. This is an adaptation and massive compression of the pamphlet The Clandestine Caucus written and published by Robin Ramsay in 1996. In that the sources for most of the claims contained in this talk are to be found.
The Japan that Can Say NO by Ishihara & Morita
 This is a translation of a best-selling Japanese book called "The Japan That Can Say No."
The Market for Force: Exploring the Privatization of Military Services by Deborah Avant
 It is not only state armies that provide security in today's world. Increasingly, private military companies provide security, either through supplying and training personnel or by operating right alongside regular military forces. When Sierra Leone faced an insurgency, Valentine Strasser's government hired Executive Outcomes, a private South African security firm, to protect it.
The Open Society and It's Enemies by Tony Hollick
 This is a brief account of some of my experiences of the "Thatcher Years." Of course, some of these events may have various possible explanations. Without there having been an adequate investigation, it's not possible to know.
The Original Butcher of the Balkans: Pavelic not Milosevic by Jonathan Levy
 Ante Pavelic was the original ‘Butcher of the Balkans." He was the leader of the Nazi puppet government of the "Independent State of Croatia" who died peacefully in Madrid in 1959. The mass murderer of 80,000 Jews, 30,000 Gypsies, and over 500,000 Serbs survived the Second World War and never faced a war crimes tribunal unlike Slobodan Milosevic whose alleged crimes pale in comparison.
The Problem of Immigration and the European Union by Terri Smith
 In some areas of Europe there are more deaths than births? Unfortunately the birth booms are in the areas that can least afford it. Materialistically and in terms of basic needs.
The Road Map of Democracy in Pakistan by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 History shows that the military Generals in Pakistan are more skillful and diplomatic than the politicians. Analyzing the amendment package, one can also see that while General Musharraf has been saying repeatedly said that he wanted to see the Prime Minister with complete operational power; the amendment proposed which has the power to the President to sack the prime minister, unilaterally dissolve the parliament and choose his own prime minister.
The Self-Appointed Altruists by Sam Vaknin
 Their arrival portends rising local prices and a culture shock. Many of them live in plush apartments, or five star hotels, drive SUV's, sport $3000 laptops and PDA's. They earn a two figure multiple of the local average wage. They are busybodies, preachers, critics, do-gooders, and professional altruists.
The Use of Computers to Support Oppression by Monal Chokshi
 Computer technology enabled the government to organize and enforce such an atrocious system of segregation and control. More than any other single technological advancement, the computer fostered the concentration of administrative power in the hands of Africa's white elite.
The World Factbook, US CIA, 1992 Edition
The meaning of the term "latino" by Giuseppe DeSicilia
 Have you ever heard the term Latino? Do you know what it means? Do you know why people who speak Spanish are called Latin? The answer is...
This is What They Did to Me by Maher Arar
 What is at stake here is the future of our country, the interests of Canadian citizens, and most importantly Canada's international reputation for being a leader in human rights where citizens from different ethnic groups are treated no different than other Canadians.
Time Line Of 4700 Years Of Mid- East History
Trans-National Corporations and Arms Production by Mark Frank
 Some corporations actually fund their own private military detachments, spy, intelligence and security services, geopolitical strategies and tactics, communication services and media agencies, entirely independent of the governments and countries which they occupy.
Transcript of Saddam's Speech on Arab Unity
Treason Arrest Turns into "Investigation"
 Our legal correspondent in Monrovia said Hassan Bility, News Editor of the ANALYST Newspaper, has nearly completed a series of interrogations at the head office of the National Security Agency. The journalist is being asked whether he ever sent "sensitive" and "damaging" information about Liberia to outside users.
U.S. Mercenaries in Colombia by Ignacio G?mez
 For its part, the U.S. State Department has been hesitant about the role of DynCorp's U.S. pilots and technicians in Colombia. Nevertheless, the company's $600 million contract has powerful supporters, among them the chairman of the House International Relations Committee, Representative Benjamin Gilman (R-NY), a war veteran and member of the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.
US Activist Jailed for Life in Peru
Unrestricted Warfare by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui
 A war which changed the world ultimately changed war itself. This is truly fantastic, yet it also causes people to ponder deeply. No, what we are referring to are not changes in the instruments of war, the technology of war, the modes of war, or the forms of war. What we are referring to is the function of warfare. Who could imagine that an insufferably arrogant actor, whose appearance has changed the entire plot, suddenly finds that he himself is actually the last person to play this unique role.
Use of Torture Against Palestinian Political Prisoners
 Palestinian political prisoners are subjected to egregious torture by the interrogators of the Israeli General Security Services (the Shin Bet). Torture is used routinely and systematically, even in circumstances where there is no evident threat to Israel's security.
Weapons Inspectors Offer Security for Saddam by Viper
 Saddam's stance on weapons inspectors is of paramount importance if he wishes to hold onto his power in Iraq.
Weapons of Mass Donation by REPost
 Burma's claim to the discoveries of the world's largest pearl, ruby, sapphire, peridot and jade have become eye-boggling realities, yet each of these spectacular gem finds was voluntarily donated to the state.
Wesley Clark: Hero or Villain? by Gary Sudborough
 The hidden and ignored recent history of Yugoslavia and its relevance to the candidacy of General Wesley Clark for US president.
What you need to know about electronics telecards
Who is Behind the Recent Attacks? by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 The previous similar kind of bomb was blasted at Sheraton Karachi, which left 9 French dead. Beguilingly, American and Pakistani authorities alleging the incident as another suicidal attack though there has not been any confirmed evidence found yet by the investigating agencies.
Why Iraq But Not North Korea? by Syed Atiq ul Hassan
 Let's analyse and compare the possible threats and stockpile of weapons of mass destruction by North Korea and Iraq.
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