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"Libertarians hold that each person has the absolute right of self-ownership over his or her life, body, speech, action and honestly acquired property. Each has the obligation to respect those same rights in mutual respect for each other's right of self-ownership. Anything that is peaceful, voluntary and honest violates no rights and thus is not a proper subject for governmental intervention." -- David Bergland

Dancing with the Infidel by Greg Swann
 With one exception, I have never seen anyone converted to libertarianism. There was a time in my life when I thought it my duty and my honor to convert the heathen masses, to lead the wretched infidels to the path of noncoercive righteousness. I converted no one.
Decentralizing Society: The Road to Liberty by Tom Anderson
 People are not in control of their own lives, but their government is. We are being assured by the political and media establishment that we live in a modern democracy. What does that really mean? If high-ranked statesmen can uphold and pass arbitrary laws, if they can "propose" them, and let a small team of like-minded politicans decide?
Don't Waste Your Vote by Steven J. Alexander
 What does it mean to cast a "wasted" vote? Why your vote is always valuable.
Election Platform of the Libertarian Party of Canada by R. Kent Cowan
 Unlike many other political parties, the LPC does not operate in a philosophical vacuum. There is a well-thought out political philosophy and a growing iterature with contributions from respected philosophers, economists, historians and novelists.
General Oceania Info
 Information about the Artificial Country of Oceania, A Libertarian Utopia
Greens and Libertarians - The Yin and Yang of our Political Future by Dan Sullivan
 Over the past three decades, people have become dissatisfied with both major parties, and two new minor parties are showing promise of growth and success. They are the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.
Libertarian Covenant
 WE THE UNDERSIGNED Witnesses to the Lesson of History -- that no Form of political Governance may be relied upon to secure the individual Rights of Life, Liberty, or Property -- now therefore establish and provide certain fundamental Precepts measuring our Conduct toward one another, and toward others...
Libertarian Covenant (Spanish Edition)
 NOSOTROS LOS QUE FIRMAMOS somos Testigos de la Leccion de la Historia, o sea que, para garantizar el Derecho Individual de la Vida, Libertad y Propiedad, no se puede depender de ninguna manera del Gobierno Poltico...
Libertarianism by Tibor Machan
 As there is considerable confusion by some as to how libertarians can have so many differing views and ideas on different subjects, I have posted here a good explanation of just what Libertarianism is and how diverse it's adherents can be.
Libertarianism in One Lesson by David Bergland
 Perhaps the most common question put to Libertarian Party (LP) candidates is: "What is Libertarianism?" Or, "What does the LP stand for?"
National Service = Involuntary Servitude by Williamson M. Evers
 Some of those advancing such plans see them as beachheads that, once secured, can be expanded into a universal compulsory labor program for young people. For example, Roger Landrum, co-director of Youth Service of America, publicly supports the Nunn plan and calls for expanding it to make national service a mandantory requirement for all high school students, male and female.
Planning Threatens Freedom by C. Brandon Crocker
 Is the American economy too free? Many people think so. Socialists have long advocated central economic planning, and, under the guise of "national economic policy," such ideas are working their way into the programs of the major political parties.
Principles of the Libertarian Party of California
 We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual.
Psst, Buddy, Wanna Buy Some Libertarian Socialism? by Trevor Loudon
 If you want to con people, you've got to lie, you've got to make what you're selling seem more desirable than it really is.
Rebutting the Absurdities by Lazarus Long
 Rebutting the absurdities: Answers to popular objections to Libertarianism.
Review of "The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism" by Robert Taylor
 At the ripe old age of 90, Nobel Laureate Friedrich von Hayek has loosed one final curve ball at the academic world. While intended as a capstone work to summarize his lifelong contributions to the social sciences, this book takes a somewhat novel tack by examining the origin and nature of ethics.
San Diego Libertarians Defeat Sales Tax
 On March 23 '89 Judge Burkhart of the Riverside County Superior Court (due to a change of venue) ruled that the San Diego Cuonty half cent "jails" sales tax is invalid. The Judge ruled in favor of the three Libertarian Party members who are plaintiffs against the county of San Diego and the San Diego County Regional Justice Facility Financing Agency.
Subversion for Fun and Profit by Roachy McBong
 A brief discussion on the finer points of small-scale political activism.
Switch to the Libertarian Party by Glen Rickerd
 On June 5, for the first time, I actually enjoyed voting. For years I have put up with the same election day frustrations that we all face: choosing between the lesser of two evils, frustrated because my vote was lost in the clamor of so many issues bundled together, wondering if going to the polls was worth the effort.
The 1992 Platform of the California Libertarian Party
 We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal rights of others to live in whatever manner they choose.
The True Charity by Kenneth McDonald
 When government expands, special interest groups divert its powers to their own ends. These groups look upon government as a way to get other people to pay for things which group members would like to have but don't want to pay for themselves.
Unanimous Consent and the Utopian Vision by L. Neil Smith
 The following is the transcript of a speech given at the December 1987 Future of Freedom Conference held at the Pacifica Hotel in Culver City, California.
Understanding the Libertarian Philosophy by Joseph Knight
 What is the proper role of government in a free society?
What is the Libertarian Party?
 More about what the Libertarian Party is and isn't.
Willing Slaves of the Welfare State by C.S. Lewis
 Our intellectuals have surrendered first to the slave-philosophy of Hegel, then to Marx, finally to the linguistic analysts.
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